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Planet Sun

Branding  Print Collateral  Signage  Apparel

Planet Sun is a tanning salon. C2DG was awarded the account for the initial branding. Deliverables included the creation and adoption on a new logo. Other materials created were company apparel, towels, stickers, hat, signage and business cards.

Astonishing and extraordinary product design! "

"I wish I had a NEW way to say thank you that would really express how much your professionalism, talent, creativity, and courtesy has meant to me during this endeavor. I am in awe of your expertise in marketing and design. It’s a magnificent bonus to have an amazing and trusted team to assist with such high level of efficiency. Heather called me when she received it and was at a loss for words, uttering only superlatives, “oh man, oh wow, amazing, awesome, I love it, oh my God, goodness, wow, I’m floored, I’m speechless, I’m in tears, unbelievable, extraordinary, geez, thank you.” Clearly, she’s obviously thrilled beyond words! I am as well!

My heart wears a smile when I think of your rare and unmatched customer care and service. My faith in your skills as a premier design group and trust in your good reputation is immeasurable. You emulate a personal philosophy of mine that describes spiritual giants of our time, “The only things worth doing in life are those we do for others.” Thank you for being a person of exceptional character and a world-class design specialist.

May you and your firm be blessed with all the gifts that only God can give."

-Gayle Landry

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